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Happy weekend! Here’s what happened this past week:

Can I Have This?: Eggbot
Five Faves: Bridal Party Gifts
What To Do: Spring Clean for a Cause
Love Links: Angry Chicken
All About the Packaging: May Baskets
Things That Make Us Smile: Balloon Flowers

Things That Make Us Smile: Balloon Flowers

A fun and colorful decoration, if we do say so ourselves!

All About the Packaging: May Baskets

Traditionally, May Day celebrates the end of winter. People used to leave May baskets filled with candy or flowers on each others doorstep. While they’ve fallen out of favor, why not bring back such a sweet tradition in your home?

1. Cut out a paper cone out of construction paper or card stock using this download.
2. Glue or tape ends together.
3. Punch two holes and attach a ribbon for a handle.
4. Decorate the basket with glitter, stickers, sketches, etc.
5. Fill with treats and leave for a loved one!

Love Links: Angry Chicken

If you’re looking for a site full of  great tutorials, delicious recipes and general crafting goodness, check out Angry ChickenAmy Carol‘s craft weblog. Definitely try her rhubarb hand pie recipe!

In addition to the blog, Amy is also the author of two fantastic sewing:  Bend-the-Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew and  Bend the Rules with Fabric: Fun Sewing Projects with Stencils, Stamps, Dye, Photo Transfers, Silk Screening, and More. We’ve read both books and they are full of easy projects to make for yourself or for a friend.

What to Do: Spring Clean for a Good Cause

Spring is here and with it comes the urge to clean out your closets. As you go through your things to figure out what to part with, think for a moment about where to donate them. Thrift shops are always an option, but there are other places who could use your donations as well.

* Women’s shelters and homeless shelters are always in need of clothes and toys for both children and adults.
* Animal shelters can use your old blankets, towels and animal toys.
* Dress for Success is a great place to take your unwanted business attire.

Five Faves: Bridal Party Gifts

Your bridal party is made up of the closest people in your life, so it only makes sense that you want to show your appreciation of their friendship by giving them each a gift of some kind. Here are five ideas that we think make perfect presents.

Pearls never go out of style and there is the added benefit of your friends being able to wear them to your wedding. Whether you go with freshwater or saltwater, you can find something to suit your budget.

A Digital Camera
A digital camera is a wonderful gift and there are as many price points as there are features to choose from. And if you charge them up beforehand, your friends will be able to capture candid shots before and after the wedding itself.

A lovely pair of earrings always come in handy. You can give each of your bridesmaids different but coordinating earrings that suit their respective styles. 
Who couldn’t use a little more music in their lives? For a special touch, have each one engraved with your friends’ initials. 
Beautiful and practical, a pashmina a perfect gift for each member of your bridal party. You can choose to match their dresses or go with favorite colors.
Hand Beaded Pashmina Scarf Shawl Wrap Throw - Deep Red

Can I Have This?: Eggbot

How cool would your Easter eggs look if you had the Eggbot? It’s too late for this year, but there’s always next year. And it works on pumpkins, too.