All About the Packaging: Giant Kisses

Take the bottom half of this and turn it upside down,

crumple up three to four sheets of this and place on top,
wrap in two 2ft sheets of this,
add a foot and a half of this,
and you get one of these–
It takes a little bit of shaping once you wrap the foil around it, so you’ll need the second layer of foil to keep things smooth. We used Grafix Rub-on Film to add the lettering for the Maddie-licious party. You could also use them as sweet packaging by adding a little gift in the middle.
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Five Faves: Easy Red, White and Blue Recipes

Here are our five fave quick and easy recipes for the 4th. Just click the links to take you to the recipe.

No Bake Blueberry Pie
Linda’s recipe for No Bake Blueberry Pie is delicious and you don’t have to heat up your kitchen with the oven.

Photo: Linda Hill

Watermelon Margaritas has a simple yet tempting take on a margarita that uses fresh watermelon.


Blue Cheese Dip’s Blue Cheese Dip is perfect with wings, veggies or chips.


Caprese Salad
When tomatoes are in season, there’s nothing better or simpler than slices of tomato and fresh mozzerella with a little olive oil and basil (and maybe a little balsamic). And if you can find some blue basil, you’ve got everything covered for the 4th! Check out’s recipe.


Ginger Lemonade
Lemonade with a little bite to it. So refreshing on a hot day! has a super simple recipe.