Love Links: Olive Bites Blog

If you’re looking for great tutorials using re-purposed and recycled materials, take a look at Olive Bites Blog. Catherine’s wire hanger countdown advent calendar is a particularly fun and easy project!

Fave Finds: Kids’ Scarves

We love how these cute scarves will make it easier to keep the little ones warm.

Sly+Tiny’s Alligator

 UncommonGoods Repurposed Sweater Bunny Scarves

Amy Bahrt Monkey Scarf

Can I Have This?: Scratch-off World Map

Here’s a really fun way to keep track of where you’ve been–just scratch off the countries you’ve visited.

Happy Buy Nothing Day!

Give your wallet a rest and yourself a break from the crowds today. Spend time with family and friends instead.

Read more at and at


Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s to a wonderful day with all your loved ones. See you on Monday.

Love Links: P.S.- I made this

We’ve all seen something in the store and thought “I could make that.” Now you can. P.S – I made this is full of great on-trend project tutorials created by Erika Domesek.

Fave Finds: Shopping for Good

The holidays are almost here, so shopping for gifts is on our minds. Now you can feel even better while you shop. Here are some sites where your purchases will help fight poverty, illiteracy and human trafficking by providing economic opportunities to those at risk.

Made By Survivors
By funding shelters and schools as well as creating work opportunities, works to prevent trafficking in countries like Thailand, India, and Uganda.and help survivors reintegrate into society.

Blue Silk
The beautiful scarves found at Mekong Blue Scarves are hand-woven by the women in Cambodia’s Stung Treng region and proceeds go to help the women and children of the area overcome poverty and illiteracy.

Jedidiah calls itself “a humanitarian-based apparel brand” and accomplishes its mission of helping those in need by partnering with non-profits to create unique pieces to help the organizations raise money and awareness.