Happy Boxing Day!

We’ll see you in the new year!!!

Things That Make Us Smile: Helping Hands

Making garlands.



All About The Packaging: Tissue box Houses

These tissue box houses by Michele Made Me are just too cute! Turn them into a garland or use them as ornaments. You could even use them for an advent calendar.


Love Links: Crafting a Green World

If you’re like us, you keep all sorts of things because you might use them later for some kind of project that never really comes about. Now you can actually put those random boxes and fabric scraps to use. Crafting a Green World has tutorial after tutorial to turn your scraps into crafts.

Easy DIY: Party Frames

Here’s a super easy way to dress up your walls.

You’ll need:
*metallic ribbon or confetti
*double glass picture frame

All you need to do is cut your ribbon into your desired length and sandwich between the glass. If you use curling ribbon like we did, you’ll need to run your scissors across them to straighten them out.

You could use a larger frame and use it as a serving tray for drinks.



Can I Have This?: Dyson Hot Fan Heater

Dyson’s heater is practical and beautiful.


All About the Packaging: Circle Garland

We whipped up these garlands for a holiday party. Super easy and super simple.  We made them with 5-inch circles, but you could make them in any shape or size. We used leftover paper to make rectangular ones. Smaller ones could be use for gift wrapping.

All you need for this project are:


 We used our Silhouette machine to cut out our 5-inch circles, but a circle cutter works just as well.  Apply glue to one circle and place the ribbon on top.

Place a second circle on top to sandwich the ribbon.  Continue along the ribbon about three inches apart for as long as you need the garland to be.

Cut the ribbon and hang. You could make the circles as large or as small.  The small garlands could also be used for gift wrapping.