Love Links: The Farm Chicks

The Farm Chicks is full of so many great projects and recipes that we don’t know where to start. Perhaps with the cookie flags. Or maybe the mini box of donuts made from Lifesavers?

Try It: Butternut Parmesan Sauce

Simply Recipe’s Pasta with Butternut Parmesan Sauce is as delicious as it is easy. We took a shortcut by using pre-cut squash from Trader Joe’s, but then crisped up some prosciutto to sprinkle on top.


Can I Have This?: Hot Pot BBQ

Now you don’t need to stare at a bulky grill. The Hot Pot BBQ is perfect for those with limited outdoor space.


Things That Make Us Smile: Floating Hearts

Heart bracelets floating in a glass bowl making a kaleidoscope of colors.

All About the Packaging: Mini Folder

Use our template to make your own mini folders for paper, photos or gift cards.

We used the cardboard box for juice boxes as well as a piece of card stock. And the scraps we saved from our You Rock valentines just happened to fit perfectly as note paper.

Love Links: The Salty Pineapple

We just love all the fun sewing projects at The Salty Pineapple. We particularly like the handled towel!

Try It: Momofuku Bo Ssam

We saw David Chang’s recipe for Bo Ssam in The New York Times and had to try it.

While it’s relatively easy, it is quite time consuming as you need to let it sit at least six hours to overnight in a sugar and salt rub. Then it’s in the oven for six hours and you baste it every hour. It is quite tasty, though, and would be great for a dinner party. And the leftovers are very versatile. We turned them into tacos and pulled pork sandwiches.