Easy DIY: Streamer Curtain

After creating a streamer wall for Selina’s third birthday, we started the think about easier ways to get the same effect. We decided a curtain we could roll up and re-use was the way to go.

You’ll need:

* Streamers
* Double-sided tape
* A dowel
* Scissors

Cut streamers to your desired length. We doubled our streamers so that they would lay over the dowel. This makes the curtain fuller. Attach double-sided tape to the length of the dowel and then start laying down your streamers.

Keep going the length of the dowel until it is covered. You may have to trim the ends so they are even, or you could just leave them as-is. Then, you can take your curtain down after the party and carefully roll it up to use again another time.

Love Links: Toca Boca Apps and the New Free Kitchen Monsters

Check out their new free Toca Kitchen Monsters released on April 5th. We love all their apps. Even as adults, it is fun to give a buzz cut or give someone pink hair in the hair salon. We really love the store app where you can play with a friend and take turns being the customer or the store owner who chooses what to stock in the bins. Have fun and do some chores in the new Toca House app, too.