Easy DIY: Child’s Art Embroidery

My friends’s daughter drew this barn, so I thought it would fun to embroider and make her a small pillow.

2015/01/img_5632-0.jpgI took her drawing and used my Crayola lightpad to trace the image. Then I just used some basic stitches to embroider it with the colors she requested.

Easy DIY: Minecraft Blocks

My friend wanted to decorate her apartment for her son’s video game themed party. Minecraft is one of his favorites, so going off the coin blocks from the Mario Party, I decided to make big Minecraft blocks. Using wrapping paper and 8x8x8 boxes, I came up with three types of blocks–grass, dirt and diamond.

IMG_5758 You can buy Minecraft diamond wrapping paperat Amazon. There are three sheets to a pack and it’s enough to wrap eight 8x8x8 boxes if you slightly overlap the remaining scrap strips. The pattern is busy enough where you can’t tell that you’ve pieced it together.

Easy DIY: Valentine Treat Bags

Since I’m trying to use up the stash of small drawstring bags, I thought I’d make some fun treat bags for Valentine’s Day. I just replaced the drawstring with red ribbon. You could also use fabric paint or rubber stamps to make your treat bags.

Easy DIY: Crystal Clear Valentines

Playing off the science theme from the Petri dish cookies, I thought I’d use test tubes for classroom valentines. 2015/01/img_5620.jpg I originally was going to put polymer gel balls in the tubes but then thought the kids might not read the directions and end up eating them. I went with rainbow rock candy pieces instead. They kind of remind me of those souvenir pencils that had a tube of gems attached.

I used 16 X 125mm plastic test tubes and it took about a pound to fill 25 of them. I had to crush the rock candy I bought to fit in the tubes but you can order smaller pieces through Oh! Nuts.

Make This: Virus Valentines

Wendy at Notes from a Quirky Kitchen has baked some amazing thing, including bacteria and virus cookies presented in Petri dishes. I thought they would make awesome valentines. 2015/01/img_5608.jpgYou can order Petri dishes on Amazon and BarCoding.com will generate a bar code that you can cut and paste onto your document.

Easy DIY: Cake Postcard

Can you imagine seeing one of these in your mailbox? Sandra at SheKnows has the step-by-step tutorial for making a cake postcard that you can actually send through the mail.

2015/01/img_5538.jpgPhoto: SheKnows

Easy DIY: Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Laura at A Beautiful Mess used Sculpey and a little gold paint to make these amazing looking marbled ring dishes. I think I just found a use for all the leftover Sculpey I have.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/039/25827792/files/2014/12/img_5316.jpgPhoto: A Beautiful Mess