Easy DIY: Christmas Advent Jar

There’s just something about this Christmas Advent Jar that I love. Maybe because it looks like a jar of candy or maybe because I won’t have to find a place to hang an advent calendar anymore. Plus, it would make for a great centerpiece. Click through for details and to see what Chris at justagirlblog.com filled those little boxes with.

Photo: Just A Girl

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Easy DIY: Ten-Sided Yin Yang Globe

These would make fantastic treat or gift boxes. Origami Maniacs has the template and tutorial on how to make the Ten-Sided Yin Yang Globe by Oschene.


All About the Packaging: Nendo’s Giftote Bag

Japanese design firm, Nendo, came up with this simple but amazing take on gift wrapping. Sure, you could just pop your gift in a regular tote and call it a day, but this just takes it to another level.
Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japan. So, I decided to try and make one myself. I added grommets to a basic pouch, stitched a ribbon to the bottom part and that was about it. Fold your gift inside the bag, wrap the ribbon around and tie. Just tuck the end of the ribbon under for a cleaner look.

Easy DIY: Halloween Treat Bags

When I was a kid, there was a house in my neighborhood that would give little treat bags. We don’t get many trick-or-treaters in our apartment building, but I decided I want to be that home who gave treat bags. It was also the perfect way to use up some of the 1,000 wax paper bags I ordered this summer. I just glued on some construction paper eyes and mouths and filled them up. I might switch to drawing them on with Sharpie, though.


Easy DIY: Sweets Embroidery

I’ve mentioned InGreetings.com before as a great source for plain totes. I decided to use the techniques I learned from Sublime Stitching to embroider a zippered tote with all different kinds of sweets.
I drew it by hand on regular paper and then transferred it using my Crayola Light Board. The board fit nicely in the tote and the image showed through clearly. Email me at celebratethebigandsmall@gmail.com if you’d like a PDF of my design.

Easy DIY: Matchbox Loom

This could be a fun rainy day/lazy day project for kids. Follow Tanglecrafts’ tutorial to make a matchbox loom and weave a little something. Maybe weave a bunch of squares and sew them into a bracelet or belt.


Photo: Tanglecrafts

Easy DIY: Paper Bead Corn on the Cob

We’ve posted about making paper bead bracelets before but here’s a whole new take on them–corn on the cob. You could cut styrofoam in the shape of a cob or just make paper cones.