Make This: Virus Valentines

Wendy at Notes from a Quirky Kitchen has baked some amazing thing, including bacteria and virus cookies presented in Petri dishes. I thought they would make awesome valentines. 2015/01/img_5608.jpgYou can order Petri dishes on Amazon and will generate a bar code that you can cut and paste onto your document.

Make This: Valentine’s Lunch Ideas

Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies. We made these for a Valentine’s Day tea party, but how fun would it be to open up your lunch and see all the hearts?




Easy DIY: Halloween Treat Bags

When I was a kid, there was a house in my neighborhood that would give little treat bags. We don’t get many trick-or-treaters in our apartment building, but I decided I want to be that home who gave treat bags. It was also the perfect way to use up some of the 1,000 wax paper bags I ordered this summer. I just glued on some construction paper eyes and mouths and filled them up. I might switch to drawing them on with Sharpie, though.


Party Time: The Princess Bride Party

The Princess Bride is a favorite in our home. So what could be more fun than a Princess Bride themed party at Manhattan Fencing Center?20140609-142636-51996725.jpgI used tabletop sign holders to hold medieval birthday banners I made to decorate the entry way.
20140609-143903-52743669.jpgFor the table, I went with blue and gold. Each place setting had a goblet and a “turkey leg,” which was just a paper lunch bag filled with popcorn and closed with a paper frill.
20140609-144627-53187227.jpgThe activity was, of course, fencing. Coach Misha was fantastic and made it so much fun for everyone. After all the bouting, it was time for some homemade R.O.U.S. cake. It was red velvet with gray buttercream.
20140609-145401-53641246.jpgFor the goodie bags, they took home Iocane Powder (pixie stix in a glass vial), Miracle Max’s Miracle Pills (homemade chocolate-covered brownies) and circus peanuts (No More Rhymes…) in stamped cotton bags. It was a fantastic party and everyone left ready to fight the six-fingered man.

Disclaimer: We paid for the party ourselves and weren’t compensated in any way. The kids just had so much fun with Coach Misha that we’d recommend Manhattan Fencing Center for a unique birthday party that the kids will really enjoy.  

Easy DIY: Medieval Birthday Banner

Maddie’s birthday party is coming up fast. This year’s theme is based on the movie “The Princess Bride.” I decided that I’d combine with medieval touches to make decorating a little easier since recreating a Fire Swamp or the Cliffs of Insanity would be rather difficult.

So I thought I’d make a birthday banner out of the tons of felt I had left over from Elliott’s rained out party last year. The smaller flags are about 8×11 and the large one is about 14×18

I traced a fleur de lis I found online and cut that out for the main flag. Then I kind of winged it with everything else. I cut her initials and the other decorations out free hand and glued them on with Tacky Glue. I haven’t decided if I’m going to attach them to a ribbon or individual stands just yet.

Party Time: Ever After High Party Table

Miss Parker turned 8 and to celebrate, the treats table was inspired by Ever After High. Pinks and purples were the colors of the day.IMG_2343

Since Parker wanted a black-out chocolate cake, Melanie decided to decorate it with gum paste roses for Briar Beauty.


Apple cake pops were for Apple White. Jewels and flower pins and hair accessories added to the table of treats. Madeline Hatter and Daring Charming made appearances, too.


Party Time: Spy Party at The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

After the rain out that was Elliott’s 7th birthday, we decided to make up for it with a party at The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum for his 8th birthday.
20140518-164011.jpg Photo: The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum20140518-165458.jpg They offer a number of different themes, but Elliott wanted the spy theme. The two Secret Agent hosts were fantastic and led the kids around the aircraft carrier to get an up-close look at the spy planes, 20140518-165333.jpg to visit the space shuttle

20140518-165412.jpgand to learn to break codes and make their own.
20140518-165246.jpg Then it was time for food and a cake from City Cakes (which was delicious). All of which were included in the package.
20140518-165659.jpgI have to admit that it was so nice not having to do anything except show up. I did put together the goodie bags, though. The kids received a pair of sunglasses, fake mustaches and an invisible ink pen in a “Top Secret” manila envelope.20140518-165751.jpg

The Intrepid really knows how to host a birthday party! The hosts were amazing, the museum is fantastic and the cake was delicious. Everyone, kids and adults, had an amazing time.

Disclaimer: We paid for the party ourselves and weren’t compensated in any way. It was just so fabulous that we would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to celebrate a special birthday. Click here to learn more about birthday parties at the Intrepid.