Easy DIY: Halloween Treat Bags

When I was a kid, there was a house in my neighborhood that would give little treat bags. We don’t get many trick-or-treaters in our apartment building, but I decided I want to be that home who gave treat bags. It was also the perfect way to use up some of the 1,000 wax paper bags I ordered this summer. I just glued on some construction paper eyes and mouths and filled them up. I might switch to drawing them on with Sharpie, though.


Easy DIY: Silk-screened T and Tote

For the class fundraiser, each child drew a self-portrait that I then had made into a silk screen.

There are a couple options for making a silk screen. Speedball has a great kit that has everything you need except an image on light source. I’ve used it before and it’s not that complicated. Blick Arts has a great video tutorial.

The second option is to have someone make it for you. This was the option I went with since I was feeling lazy. I went to a local art store, but there are a number places you can order from like Anthem Screen Printing and Standard Screen.

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Easy DIY: A Simple & Elegant Hairdo

S.T.E.L.’s simple and elegant hairstyle really, truly lives up to its name. I was actually able to do it on the first try after watching the tutorial.


Photo: S.T.E.L.

All About The Packaging: Fabric Candy Wrapping

Danielle from Gift Packaging Ideas posted this image on her blog. A cute way to use up any fabric and ribbon scraps you might have at home.


Easy DIY: Gumball Eyes

For quick and easy eyeballs, just use food coloring markers and gumballs.


You’ll have to let them dry and go over it again to build up the color, but then you get to pick the colors you want to use.


Easy DIY: Halloween Treats Revisited

We posted about these last year, but in case you needed a reminder, here they are again. They’re so fun and so easy to make.

Rice Crispy Monsters, Ghosts Pops and Donut Hole Spiders

All About the Packaging: Nature Wraps

Justina Blakeney take green gift wrapping literally with her amazing idea of using leaves and flowers for gift wrap. So beautiful!