Easy DIY: Heart-shaped Surprise Ball

We just love surprise balls and have used Not Martha’s tutorial to make many of them. But then we thought why not make heart-shaped ones for Valentine’s Day.

We found all these great little trinkets to wrap up and used a cardstock heart for a little message, as well as to help with the shape. Stickers, badges and shaped erasers are also fun things to include.

20120114-095611.jpgTake a trinket and start wrapping with crepe paper. We recommend having the items follow the shape of the heart. For example, we kept the ball in one of the rounded areas and the flat side of the bear and the popper were kept flush with the flat edges. Keep adding items and continue wrapping.

Try to space the items out so the surprises keep coming as the heart is unwrapped. You’ll have to keep shaping/shifting items a bit as you go along to keep the heart shape. Since we used some odd-shaped pieces, we wrapped them tissue paper to help with the shaping.

When you’ve finished wrapping up your surprise ball, just use a little glue at the end of the crepe paper to secure. We finished ours by tucking in the edge and adding a little heart we made with beads and some wire. You could also use a little sticker or just leave it plain.


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Party Time: A Princess Tea Party inspired by Dora

We were delighted and fortunate to help Selina celebrate her 3rd birthday with a Princess Dora-inspired tea party. The party was to be held at Gymboree, so we decided to coordinate with their “Princess Playhouse Party” theme. The party itself was led by Gymboree’s own wonderful Nicole, who led the royal guests through songs and fun activities.

We had our work cut out for us in trying to transform the space into a royal venue for Princess Selina, but we managed to turn this:

Into this:

We took streamers and made a curtain to cover the sink area.

Paper flowers hung from the ceiling and we used a garland, more paper flowers, and lanterns to create a little sitting area for parents.

Real Green Toys tea sets were used along with safe LED tea lights to set the mood for a “royal garden tea party among the columns of the castle.”

Bloquets stood in for real flowers on the table for double duty as party horns and decoration. Dora made a small appearance on the table in the form of a ring used as a napkin ring.

We made a simple banner with satin ribbon and beautiful handmade paper to decorate the dessert table, which was filled with both treats to eat and celebrate. A large 3 balloon left no question as to how old the princess would be for her birthday!

The petit fours were from Dragonfly Cakes and just delightful dusted with a pearl luster. We also found chocolate and yogurt star cookies that would have made Dora happy and fit perfectly with the theme.

You may be wondering where Dora is in all of this. Selina’s mom wanted the essence of a Dora party, so we decided to use “Dora colors” to represent Dora, Boots and royalty. Dora did make an appearance on the invitations and in the goodie bags in the form of a doll.

The envelope also held a crown for the princess sealed with royal sealing wax.

We also based activities around making flower “Dora” bead bracelets and royal jeweled maracas as children arrived and before the actual party started.

Easy DIY: Party Frames

Here’s a super easy way to dress up your walls.

You’ll need:
*metallic ribbon or confetti
*double glass picture frame

All you need to do is cut your ribbon into your desired length and sandwich between the glass. If you use curling ribbon like we did, you’ll need to run your scissors across them to straighten them out.

You could use a larger frame and use it as a serving tray for drinks.



Easy DIY: Tissue Paper Wreath

A super simple project to do with your kids.

You’ll need:

* a wire hanger
* two packs of green tissue paper
* ribbon

Take the wire hanger and pull it into a circular shape. The hook will be used to hang your wreath.

Cut strips of tissue paper into 8 inch strips. No need to be completely accurate with this step. Then take each strip and wrap it once around the hanger and twist together. Repeat with all the strips; pushing them close together each time.

Go all the way around. Once finished, fluff up the pieces to fill it out and trim any pieces that are too long.

the hanger and then finish it off with a ribbon. We made one out of tissue paper just to keep with the feel.






Easy DIY: Christmas Crackers

Here’s a quick and easy way to use up those random toilet paper rolls you have lying around. Traditional crackers contain a paper crown, a small gift and a little joke; we used candy, confetti and party favors.

We also skipped including the snap since the kids don’t always grab the ends perfectly, so they don’t really end up “cracking.” If you do want the snaps, you can order them at Olde English Crackers.

You’ll need:

- toilet paper rolls
- wrapping paper
- glue stick
- curling ribbon
- party favors and candy

Cut the wrapping paper into 8 x 12 pieces.

Place a toilet paper roll in the center of the 12in side of the paper.

Roll the paper around the tube. Place glue on the edge of the paper and seal.Then tie one end of the tube close to the base of the roll.

Fill the tube with goodies and treats. Then tie the other end shut and curl the ribbons.

Easy DIY: Bean Bag Ghosts

Whip up a few of these ghosts either for decoration or use them in a bean bag toss game.

All you need is:

*cheese cloth or gauze
*white fabric (we used an old t-shirt)
*dried beans
*marker or black fabric for the eyes

Cut cheese cloth into 6×6 squares. Cut white fabric into 4×4 squares. Place white fabric on top of cheese cloth.

Place two tablespoons of beans in the center of the stack of squares.

Wrap fabric around the beans and tie with some ribbon.

Draw on or cut out eyes from the black fabric to glue on and you’re finished!

Easy DIY: Rice Crispy Monsters

Here’s an easy Halloween treat. All you need are:

*rice crispy treats
*tubes of icing
*candy eyes (optional)

You can either make your own treats or use the ready-made ones. When we make our own, we like to mix brown rice crisps with regular ones. Then just cut them to the size you want, spread on the icing in the colors you desire and decorate.