Can I Have This?: Candy Button Bench

Jellio makes the most amazing furnishings from childhood items. We particularly like the Candy Button Bench. It would’ve been perfect at our Maddie-licious party along with their conversation heart seats and gummy bear lights.

Things That Make Us Smile: Hamster cheeks

It’s quite amazing to see how much a hamster can stuff in his cheeks.

All About the Packaging: Fabric Scrap Basket

The Sometimes Crafter has a great tutorial for a fabric scrap basket. These would be great for organizing or as a cute eco-friendly gift box.

What to Do: Jump

Give jumping rope a try. It burns a lot of calories, it’s fun and it brings back childhood memories.

Can I Have This?: Kitchen Bull

Toro Legno’s Kitchen Bull is a knife block, book shelf and cheese board. And all in the shape of a bull.


Things That Make Us Smile: Summer Streets

Park Avenue was closed to traffic for three Saturdays in August so everyone could enjoy a bike ride in the city.

Love Links: CraftStylish

With tons of tips, tutorials and giveaways,¬†CraftStylish¬†is a great resource for all crafters. Whether you’re a beginner or you have it all down, you’ll find something interesting on the site.