Easy DIY: Amigurumi Bob-omb

Now that I’ve figure out how to crochet Pokeballs, I decided to expand into other round things. I think these Bob-ombs will be perfect as part of a Halloween costume. You can find step-by-step instructions on WolfDreamer.


Love Links: Sublime Stitching

If you want to start embroidering, Founded by Jenny Hart, Sublime Stitching is a great site to help you get started. You can find instructions, patterns and products all in one place. 



Love Links: Free Typography

Free Typography is an ongoing collection of free fonts you can download. Definitely a great resource!


Love Links: Snapguide

If you’re more visual when it comes to how-tos, Snapguide is perfect for you. Step-by-step photos help you do things from making fruit roll-ups to sewing leather. There’s also an iPad app.


Love Links: The Vivienne Files

The Vivienne Files is full of fabulous ideas on how to mix, match and accessorize basic pieces. Perfect for packing ideas.


Photo: The Vivienne Files

Love Links: Generated Paper

Sometimes you just need a sheet of graph paper but don’t want go out and buy a pad. GeneratedPaper.com solves that problem by letting you print out as many pages are you need. You can find music paper, lined paper for your child’s handwriting practice and even blank tic tac toe sheets.


Love Links: Longreads

If you like to read longer magazine/news articles, then the aptly-named Longreads is the site for you. You can save them to Instapaper or Pocket to read offline on your phone. I find it perfect for the daily commute.