Easy DIY: Christmas Crackers

Here’s a quick and easy way to use up those random toilet paper rolls you have lying around. Traditional crackers contain a paper crown, a small gift and a little joke; we used candy, confetti and party favors.

We also skipped including the snap since the kids don’t always grab the ends perfectly, so they don’t really end up “cracking.” If you do want the snaps, you can order them at Olde English Crackers.

You’ll need:

– toilet paper rolls
– wrapping paper
– glue stick
– curling ribbon
– party favors and candy

Cut the wrapping paper into 8 x 12 pieces.

Place a toilet paper roll in the center of the 12in side of the paper.

Roll the paper around the tube. Place glue on the edge of the paper and seal.Then tie one end of the tube close to the base of the roll.

Fill the tube with goodies and treats. Then tie the other end shut and curl the ribbons.