Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Things That Make Us Smile: Girl Scout Cookies

All About The Packaging: The Perfect Box

Sharilyn over at lovelydesign has a tutorial and PDF for what she calls “the perfect box.” We couldn’t agree more that it’s perfect!

Love Links: Cool for School Photo

We love Larry Bercow and Cool for School Photo because we are tired or those “Sears” type school photos. You know what we are talking about… This is the kind of school photo… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Bunny Puppets

Super cute puppets by Purl Bee. Perfect for Easter!

Can I Have This?: Presso Espresso Machine

Now you can have espresso without having to plug in a machine. The Presso Espresso MachineĀ uses muscle to make espresso. Just fill with coffee, add boiling water and press.

Things That Make Us Smile: Robots

Party Time: Grady’s Subway Birthday Party

For Grady’s 4th birthday, his mom, Kelly decided to throw him a fantastic subway party. She used our printables to the personalize the party. Look at these amazing cupcakes by Candace from Cupcakes… Continue reading

Love Links: Jessica Hische

We love her typography, style and new studio in San Francisco Title Case. Also we are very excited about the new font she created for the movie Moonrise Kingdom.

Easy DIY: Suprise Ball Game

For a fun party game (and because we wanted something other than a pinata), we used a bunch of surprise ball hearts, attached them to a board with glue dots and added numbered… Continue reading

Can I Have This?: Vasa Cubes

How pretty would these Vasa Cubes look on a table?