Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Can I Have This?: Foldable Chair by Andrés Lhima

To make this fun little chair by Andrés Lhima, all you need to do is unfold it and stuff it with whatever you have on hand–leaves, towels, plastic bags.

Things That Make Us Smile: Skating with Friends

All About The Packaging: Wrapping Paper Tape

Now we know what to do with all the random scraps and strips of wrapping paper we’ve been saving! Country Living has a tutorial on turning them into tape with some double-stick adhesive.… Continue reading

Love Links: Classic Play

If you’re looking for creative ideas and inspirations for your family, Classic Play is the site for you.

Easy DIY: Streamer Curtain

After creating a streamer wall for Selina’s third birthday, we started the think about easier ways to get the same effect. We decided a curtain we could roll up and re-use was the… Continue reading

Can I Have This?: Withmilk Tea/Coffee Set

Having limited space means we just love things that store away neatly. The Withmilk tea/coffee set looks like a milk bottle when stacked, but is actually four cups, a small bottle and a… Continue reading

Things That Make Us Smile: Cherry Blossoms

All About the Packaging: Small Folder with a Point Inside

Here is a small folder with a point inside. We made 2 sizes for you to use and you can print them on any special paper you have. Enjoy! These could even be… Continue reading

Love Links: Toca Boca Apps and the New Free Kitchen Monsters

Check out their new free Toca Kitchen Monsters released on April 5th. We love all their apps. Even as adults, it is fun to give a buzz cut or give someone pink hair… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Felt pen inks from Mini-eco

We liked this DIY from Mini-eco in the UK via child central station on how to give new life to old markers… If you too are the owner of many a dried-up, squished-nib pen… Continue reading