Party Time: Pirahna Plant Pops

A super easy treat for a Super Mario party.

You need:

*red lollipops
*white fondant
*brownie bites or cupcakes
*green cardstock

We found these lollipops that had green stems and were supposed to be cherries. You can use Dum Dums or even Tootsie Pops if you want larger one

Just roll out the fondant into little balls and a long roll. Fold the roll in half to make the mouth. Attach to the top of the lollipop. Next, apply the balls randomly and push flat. You could also add teeth, although it would be easier if you were using larger lollipops.

Then take your pop and insert it into a cupcake or brownie bite. We then cut strips of paper and wrapped it around the brownie. You could also use green cupcake wrappers or even green fondant.