Easy DIY: Birthday Balloon Parade Sticks

Parker shared a birthday party at school this year with a friend because they were born one day apart. Since parents aren’t allowed in the classroom, we thought a little birthday parade home would be a fun way to celebrate.

We decided to make balloon parade sticks to make the walk home even more special. These wands make me smile because they do not use helium, a precious resource.

You’ll need:

Balloons (6 per wand)
Ribbon (thick and thin widths)
Tinsel picks

1. Get a thick dowel that will stand strong in small hands and in the wind with balloons. Wrap it and the tinsel picks with wide ribbon.

3. Take the thinner ribbon and wrap in a braid-like fashion across the top of the dowel and in between the tinsel picks.

4. Go down about 3 inches and tie the ribbons off with a knot and a leave a long piece to tie to the balloon. Hide the loose ends with another piece of wide ribbon in a large loose knot with long ends that can flutter in the wind.

4. Attach balloons to the stick. Tie the knot tight so they do not blow off when you walk. We had one escape!

5. Surprise your special person and have a parade.

Have fun making your balloon parade sticks that are eco friendly! Cheers.