All About the Packaging: Crepe Paper Goldfish

These crepe paper fish are part of a fishing game for an upcoming carnival birthday party.

You’ll need:

*Crepe paper
*Paper cups
*Paper clips
*Wire cutters
*Push pin
*Googly eyes

20120606-182134.jpgUse wire cutters to cut a large paper clip into three sections. Slightly bend the end with pliers. These will be what the kids hook with the fishing pole. Note that if you using heavier favors or bigger items, you may want more of a bend so they don’t pull out. Also, I used plastic cups, so the clips were held pretty snug.


Take two squares of paper and lay them on top of each other at an angle. Since I used 3oz cups 12×12 squares worked perfectly. I used two colors, but you could stick with just one. Fill the cup with favors and place in the center of the paper.

20120606-182218.jpgWrap the paper around the cup and then tie with string. Shape the ends of the paper to make it more tail-like.

20120606-182226.jpgUse the push pin to make a small hole on the front of the fish. This will make it easier to insert the paper clip.

20120606-182232.jpgPush in the bent end of the clip.

Use the pushpin again to make a hole that’s aligned with the other end of the clip. Then insert.


20120606-182253.jpgAdd eyes (either googly or just stickers) and you’re done.

20120606-182303.jpgHappy Fishing!