Easy DIY: Hoodie to Cowl Neck

I love sweatshirts because they’re comfortable and they have a big pocket. I’m not so keen on the hood and how casual they look. So, I decided to change my hoodie to a cowl neck. The first step is the cut off the hood. Either use a seam ripper or, if you’re impatient, just cut along the seam.

Next, take the hood and trim off what would be the back of the hood.

Take the hood and sew the bottom shut to make a tube.

Turn the tube inside out and pin it to the neckline of the sweatshirt. You’ll have to play around with the fabric as the hood is a little wider than the neckline. I put in little pleats/folds at equal places along the neckline and you wouldn’t notice them. I also placed the drawstring at the back to add a different detail with the grommets and tie.

Sew along the neckline. Turn down the cowl neck and you’re finished. The drawstring of the hood can be used to adjust the cowl.