Easy DIY: Leather Gift Card Holders and Envelope Wallets

This is the perfect way to take gift cards to another level. Especially when you’re stuck with buying set denominations because sometimes you don’t want to give $50 gift cards but $10 doesn’t seem enough.

The card holders on the right require minimal sewing and the envelope wallets on the left require no sewing at all. I found a fabric store that sells scrap pieces of leather so each card holder ended up being less than a dollar each (more for the wallets since I had to buy the stud closure). Michaels also carries small pieces of leather if you can’t find any at your fabric store.

Here are the tutorials for both the card holder and the envelope wallet. Just a note about sewing. The tutorial uses a sewing machine. I sewed mine by hand because one of the leather pieces I bought was very thick. Here’s a tutorial for handsewing.You don’t really need all the extra tools except for a ruler and an awl to measure and punch holes for your stitches.