Easy DIY: Star Wars Obstacle Course

I made this obstacle course for my son’s Star Wars party. It’s mostly made from shipping boxes and wrapping paper.  

For the pillars, I used FedEx tube boxes, wrapping paper and printer paper. 

I did have to tape together some leftover pieces for the last box but one value roll of wrapping paper from Party City was enough to cover six pillars. I also cut a small triangle to cover the top for aesthetic reasons. 

I then cut out strips from 11×17 sheets of printer paper. The long pieces are 1 1/2 x 17 and the smaller ones are 1 1/2 x 6. 

For the “hurdles,” I used small USPS mailing boxes, fluorescent light tubes, silver wrapping paper and color paper. 

After making and wrapping the boxes, I cut holes large enough to slide in the tubes. I placed one set of holes towards the center and another set towards one end to create a higher hurdle. 

Then I added some squares and rectangles to the sides for decoration.