Make This: Raindrop Cake

With all the to-do about the raindrop cake at Smorgasburg earlier this year, I had to do some research into whether it was worth the trek and the lines to get one. After watching this video by EmmyMadeInJapan, I decided I’d try to make it myself instead since you really only need three ingredients.  Plus, I already had a silicone half-sphere mold

It was fun to eat since it’s pretty much just jelly that melts into water in your mouth. 

I’d say the recipe in the video is more of a guideline. It takes a bit of playing around to get the clarity you want as well as the right firmness. 

Since there’s plenty of agar agar left after making this recipe (fyi, it makes two 3-inch half spheres), the kids wanted to try adding agar agar to juice and soda. This made for some tasty apple juice, grape juice, Coke and orange Fanta jellies.