Make This: Orange Pound Cake with Orange Buttercream

Oranges are symbols of good luck for the Lunar New Year while sweets ensure a sweet year to come. I decided to combine the two by making orange pound cake in the shape of oranges.

Del’s Cooking Twist has an easy recipe that uses melted butter, which was great because I forgot to take the butter out of the fridge. It also uses caster sugar (superfine) but regular sugar and a few pulses in the food processor worked just fine.

I then used The Spruce’s orange buttercream recipe. I did use orange blossom water instead of orange extract because that’s what I had and it still turned out deliciously. You could probably skip either and it would still turn out.

I reserved a little buttercream to use for the leaves and added a little orange food coloring to the rest.

Happy Year of the Dog!

P.S. If you have leftover buttercream and cake trimmings, you can make a few orange cake pops. Or just eat them.