Party Time: Archery Party

After finding an archery range in NYC last year, we decided that it would be perfect for my son’s 12th birthday. Even better was when we found out Gotham Archery opened a Manhattan location.

The party started with an explanation of the safety rules and basic instruction. After deciding whether to use a compound or recurve bow, you’re set up with all the equipment and you can start shooting. There’s an instructor there at all times to give tips and more instruction as you’re shooting, so you learn how to adjust your shot.

After practicing for a while, you move on to different archery games. The kids had a great time competing against each other to see who could shoot the correct colored balloon or get the most arrows in the yellow.

Food-wise, I tried to incorporate the archery theme where I could. I went with breadsticks that looked like arrows. I also made pixy stix into arrows with paper and glue.

I also cut cheese with round cookie cutters to make them into targets and used washi tape to make toothpicks into arrows as well.

For the cake, I used fondant to make a target to top the cake. I did this for the sugar cookies party favors, too. The arrows in the cake were made from chopsticks and colored paper.

Everyone had an amazing time in this awesome space. Gotham Archery was the perfect place to celebrate!