Make This: Scallion Pancakes

Since I had a huge bunch of scallions sitting in my refrigerator, I decided I’d finally give the scallion pancake recipe from America’s Test Kitchen a go. All that’s needed is flour, boiling water, vegetable oil, sesame oil and scallions.

My tips:

• Don’t do anything else until you make the dough since you need to let it rest for 30 minutes. I did this and ended up just waiting around for the dough.

• Double the batch since you can refrigerate or freeze the pancakes to fry later. This will make you very happy the next time you want scallion pancakes.

• The recipe calls for 1/2 teaspoon of salt to be sprinkled on each pancake. I cut it down and it was fine since we used a dipping sauce. If you like your pancakes without sauce, I think the full 1/2 teaspoon would be the way to go.

• Next time I make it, I’ll leave the dough a little thicker so it’s more like the ones I’ve had on Taiwan.

All in all, it’s a relatively easy recipe and the results are delicious!