Make This: Candy-coated Lemon Cake Easter Eggs

Make little Easter egg cakes using candy melts, sprinkles, cake and an egg mold.

Bake cake of your choice in either in an egg mold or you can cut out cake to the right size. I used the lemon pound cake recipe from the New York Times.

Melt the candy melts of your choice. You can also use white chocolate chips and then color them as you with. You could also use chocolate if that’s more to your liking. Coat the egg mold with the melted candy in any pattern you like. I tried placing sprinkles in the bottom, but they didn’t come out as clearly. If you want to go the sprinkles route, you might want to see if you can find jumbo ones.

After coating the mold, insert your cake and cover with more melted candy. Tap to remove air bubbles and then let harden.