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Easy DIY: Hand-drawn Glasses

We usually give a little personalized gift to my daughter’s favorite teachers from the previous years. This year, we decided on hand-drawn glasses. Using Pebeo Vitrea markers, my daughter drew some fun designs… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Paper Fan Centerpiece

I needed a quick and easy centerpiece for a graduation lunch and stumbled upon a paper fan one on It’s a Horvath’a Life. The fans were simple enough to make using plain paper,… Continue reading

Easy DIY: A Rebus Valentine

Here’s a quick valentine to whip up. I have a lot of googly eyes for some reason, but you could just as easily print on eye.

Easy DIY: Fencing Bunnies

After seeing this comic on Hana’s World and then finding a pattern for the Giving Bunny, I decided to combine them and make fencing giving bunnies since my kids have started fencing. The… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Origami Ninja Throwing Stars

To go along with my son’s ninja costume, I decided to make some throwing stars. I followed this tutorial on WikiHow. I used copy paper and added a layer of foil on top… Continue reading

East DIY: Accordion Fold Paper Pumpkin

Minieco made these fantastic looking candle holders using paper and an accordion fold. I thought they would be perfect jack o’ lanterns. Not hard once you figure out the folds, but you’ll definitely… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Fabric Dollhouse

I made this dollhouse for my niece after seeing this post from Made with Love. I added a few elements of my own to make it even more fun. You can purchase the… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Snag Free Hair Ties

All you need to make these super popular hair ties are scissors and fold-over elastic. Simple Medicine has the full tutorial.

Easy DIY: Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits

My son and his best friend love watching The Wild Kratts and pretending to have creature powers like on the show. So for his friend’s birthday, I thought I’d make him a creature… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Felt Flowers

Positively Splendid has a great tutorial for making felt flowers. A super easy way decorate a tote, headband or even a gift.