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All About the Packaging: Boo-ble Gum Revisited

We posted these wrappers last year, but they’re so much fun that we had to bring it back.

All About The Packaging: Batty Prizes

This cute tissue paper bat is actually filled with party favors.You can make them as big as you like. All you need is: *Tissue Paper *String *Party Favors *Glue *Googly Eyes I used… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Boo-uncy Balls

I had a bunch of random colored bouncy balls left, so I thought I’d use them to make something fun for my son’s class. All you need to make these cute little ghosts… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Loose-Leaf Zip Pouch

Improv Sewing had a fun project for canvas loose-leaf paper and I thought it would make a great zippered pouch. All you need is some canvas; a zipper; as well as blue, pink… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Crepe Paper Goldfish

These crepe paper fish are part of a fishing game for an upcoming carnival birthday party. You’ll need: *Crepe paper *Paper cups *Favors *String *Paper clips *Pliers *Scissors *Wire cutters *Push pin *Googly… Continue reading

Things That Make Us Smile: Homemade Birthday Cake

Our friend Jennifer makes amazing cakes. This was for her daughter’s 10th birthday. Those lollipops and gumballs? Handmade out of fondant.

Easy DIY: Birthday Balloon Parade Sticks

Parker shared a birthday party at school this year with a friend because they were born one day apart. Since parents aren’t allowed in the classroom, we thought a little birthday parade home… Continue reading

Party Time: Pirahna Plant Pops

A super easy treat for a Super Mario party. You need: *red lollipops *white fondant *brownie bites or cupcakes *green cardstock We found these lollipops that had green stems and were supposed to… Continue reading

Party Time: Grady’s Subway Birthday Party

For Grady’s 4th birthday, his mom, Kelly decided to throw him a fantastic subway party. She used our printables to the personalize the party. Look at these amazing cupcakes by Candace from Cupcakes… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: You Rock Valentines

We loved the “You Rock” valentines we’ve seen online using rock candy and Pop Rocks, but wanted to give ours a little more “oomph.” What better way than making the valentine a concert… Continue reading