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Make This: Iced Tea Granita

Super easy and super refreshing. Brew up your favorite tea, sweeten as you like and freeze in a shallow container. Check on it every 30 minutes or so and scrape it up with… Continue reading

Make This: Ice Cream Sandwich Bites

I found some leftover cake bits that I had put in my freezer and it hit me that instead of cake pops (or just eating them out of the bag) I could make… Continue reading

Make This: Chocolate Salami

This might be the perfect holiday gift. It’s easy, doesn’t require any baking and you can customize it to anyone’s tastes. I used Pretty.Simple.Sweet‘s recipe as the jumping off point. Instead of milk,… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Quilted Blanket

This is probably the easiest sewing project you could tackle. All you need are two piece of fabric cut to equal measurements. I found this alpaca flannel and thought it would make a… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Bubble Tea Holder

Bubble tea is as popular here as it is in Asia, but one thing that hasn’t really made the jump over are bubble tea holders. A lot of Asian countries are limiting, if… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Pokeball Cards

These cards are perfect for the Pokemon lovers in your life. I used these as thank you cards for a Pokemon birthday party, but they would work as invitations or note cards. You… Continue reading

Make This: Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake

I like my apples crispy. So when a couple of them looked like they wouldn’t be a crisp as I like, yet not bad enough to toss, I thought apple sauce. Then I… Continue reading

Make This: Candy-coated Lemon Cake Easter Eggs

Make little Easter egg cakes using candy melts, sprinkles, cake and an egg mold. Bake cake of your choice in either in an egg mold or you can cut out cake to the… Continue reading

Make This: Coffee Jelly

Instead of tossing your cold coffee, turn it into jelly with agar-agar. You can get agar-agar in sheets, shreds or powder. I went with powder since I find it easier to use. 2… Continue reading

Make This: Brown Sugar Bubble Milk

One of the latest beverage crazes is brown sugar bubble milk. It’s cool and creamy with a toffee-like flavor. It’s also super easy to make. You need tapioca pearls, dark brown sugar, water… Continue reading