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Easy DIY: Paper Bead Corn on the Cob

We’ve posted about making paper bead bracelets before but here’s a whole new take on them–corn on the cob. You could cut styrofoam in the shape of a cob or just make paper… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Paper Fan Centerpiece

I needed a quick and easy centerpiece for a graduation lunch and stumbled upon a paper fan one on It’s a Horvath’a Life. The fans were simple enough to make using plain paper,… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Medieval Birthday Banner

Maddie’s birthday party is coming up fast. This year’s theme is based on the movie “The Princess Bride.” I decided that I’d combine with medieval touches to make decorating a little easier since… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Silk-screened T and Tote

For the class fundraiser, each child drew a self-portrait that I then had made into a silk screen. There are a couple options for making a silk screen. Speedball has a great kit… Continue reading

Make It: Bubble Gum Frosted Cupcakes with Gelatin Bubbles

How amazing are these cupcakes?! Heather at SprinkleBakes made these bubbles using balloons and gelatin. There’s a step-by-step tutorial on her site. These bubbles would look fantastic on an undersea cake in shades… Continue reading

Easy DIY: A Rebus Valentine

Here’s a quick valentine to whip up. I have a lot of googly eyes for some reason, but you could just as easily print on eye.

Easy DIY: Mini Emergency Gift Tote

Here’s a great last-minute gift. Put together a mini emergency kit. I used freezer paper and stenciled a little tote but use any cute little pouch you find. I then filled it with… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Fencing Bunnies

After seeing this comic on Hana’s World and then finding a pattern for the Giving Bunny, I decided to combine them and make fencing giving bunnies since my kids have started fencing. The… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Origami Ninja Throwing Stars

To go along with my son’s ninja costume, I decided to make some throwing stars. I followed this tutorial on WikiHow. I used copy paper and added a layer of foil on top… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Fabric Dollhouse

I made this dollhouse for my niece after seeing this post from Made with Love. I added a few elements of my own to make it even more fun. You can purchase the… Continue reading