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Easy DIY: Felt Ghost

´╗┐Quick and easy to whip up, you can use these ghosts as decorations or add to a treat bag. Since they’re ghosts, you can cut the felt freehand to whatever shape and size… Continue reading

Make This: Baked Apple Cider Mini Donuts

It’s finally starting to feel like fall. While some like pumpkin spice, I’m more about apple cider, especially when they’re in donuts!I used Sprinkle Some Sugar’s recipe (which calls for reducing 2 cups of… Continue reading

Make This: Three-Ingredient Marshmallow Fudge

After finding the recipe for frosting fudge, I decided to play around. The chocolate frosting one I made tasted too frosting like, so I tossed in some marshmallows. It definitely changed the flavor… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Pinhole Camera

If for some reason you haven’t heard, there’s an eclipse happening tomorrow. It may be too late to get eclipse glasses but you can still safely see the eclipse with a pinhole camera.… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Dino Snack Bag

My friend’s son loves dinosaurs so I used iron-on transfer paper to make an iron-on of his favorite, the stegosaurus.  Then I ironed it on a drawstring bag so he’d have a reusable… Continue reading

Make This: Cold Soba Noodle Salad

Cooking in the heat is no fun. This dish keeps the actual cooking to a minimum. All you need to do is boil the soba noodles. The rest is just cutting up your… Continue reading

Make This: Tennis Ball Cookies

I made these for my son’s tennis coaches as a “thank you” gift to go along with a gift card. Still working on my icing consistency as well as piping but found this… Continue reading

Make This: Lego Gummies

I had it in my head to make these for my son’s Lego birthday party since it looked easy enough on the King of Random‘s YouTube video. Famous last words, right? But they… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Personalized Playing Cards

I had these made for my son’s class auction project through Each child drew a self portrait and a favorite activity.  Since we had extra cards, we had the teachers draw their… Continue reading

Make This: Cookies and Whopper Tie Fighters

These are super easy to make and look great as a cupcake topper. But instead of the marshmallows I’ve seen being used, I decided on Whoppers to get the right shape and to… Continue reading