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Make This: “Hostess” Cupcakes

I had come across this NY Times recipe awhile back but never got around to making it. I still technically haven’t since I used the tried and true Hershey’s chocolate cake recipe instead.… Continue reading

Make This: Heart-Shaped Lemon Curd Sandwich Cookies

I was going to decorate sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day but the time go away from me. Then I remembered the jar of lemon curd my sister gave me. It paired perfectly with… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Orange Bath Bombs

The Lunar New Year is coming up (1/28) and one symbol of good luck is oranges. Last year I made tissue paper oranges. This year,  I figured I’d finally give bath bombs a… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Quick and Easy Teacher Gift

Package a gift card with an accessory for a quick and easy teacher gift. An iTunes gift card and a charging cable are a great combo. Throw in some holiday candy to fill… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Snowflake ornament wreath

I bought these ornaments last year on clearance to use a garland this year. Instead, I decided to turn them into a wreath.  I hot glued them together in a circle as large… Continue reading

Make This: Blondies

I couldn’t make brownies because I ran out of cocoa powder and I didn’t want to deal with cookies, so I decided on blondies with chocolate chips. I don’t know why I never… Continue reading

Make This: Mini Apple Pies with Crumble Topping

I couldn’t decide between making an apple pie or an apple crumble, so I combined them into a mini pie. I cut out circles of pie dough and placed them into buttered muffin… Continue reading

Make This: Brainy Cake Pop

While picking up gummy teeth for vampire donuts, I came across gummy brains. The looked just about the right size for the top of cake pops. Happy Halloween!

Make This: Donut Vampire

You’ve probably seen donut vampires somewhere online at some point. I decided to make them this year but I used gummy teeth instead of plastic teeth since I didn’t want to mix inedible… Continue reading

Make This: Brigadeiros

Found all over Brazil, these tasty bites of fudgy goodness are dangerously easy to make. Cocoa, condensed milk, butter and something to roll them in are all you need. What’s even better is if… Continue reading