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Make This: Chocolate Bird’s Nest

I had forgotten about these until it popped up on my Pinterest feed. However, I didn’t feel like tracking down crispy chow mien noodles so I just used pretzel sticks that I broke… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Mint Tin Toys

I ordered these tin boxes from Paper Mart and saw these cute little play sets, so I thought I’d make some for Easter using pom poms.   

Make This: Pokeball Cookies

I used the same concept as the Pokeball invites to make these cookies–circles of red and white fondant cut in half, strip of black fondant and smaller circles of black and white fondant.… Continue reading

Make This: Candy Heart Sugar Cubes

Here’s something to do with any remaining icing you have–decorate sugar cubes. I saw these on Cute Food for Kids. Instead of piping directly on the cubes, I piped out little hearts, let… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Tissue Paper Oranges

Oranges symbolize good luck for the Lunar New Year. I made these tissue paper ones for my son’s class. I used containers to hold the party favors but you can skip it and… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Lifesaver Firecracker

The Lunar New Year starts February 8th. Firecrackers scare off evil spirits and welcome in the new year.  Make your own firecrackers with a roll of Lifesaver, red paper and ribbon. I drew… Continue reading

Make This: Heart-shaped Cake Pops

  I decided to give cake pops another try after I had stumbled upon these tips from  After chilling the cake balls, I quickly shaped them into hearts. I formed them into egg… Continue reading

Make This: Whoopie Pies

I had made these once before but completely forgot about them until I fell into the Internet recently. There are so many different flavor combos you could make but I decided to go… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Leather Gift Card Holders and Envelope Wallets

This is the perfect way to take gift cards to another level. Especially when you’re stuck with buying set denominations because sometimes you don’t want to give $50 gift cards but $10 doesn’t… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Accordion Cards

These cards are super easy to make. Cut a sheet of card stock into 2 1/2 inch strips the length-wise. You should get three strips. Fold them in half and then into quarters.… Continue reading