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Easy DIY: Pokeball Cards

These cards are perfect for the Pokemon lovers in your life. I used these as thank you cards for a Pokemon birthday party, but they would work as invitations or note cards. You… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Little Gift Bag

Here’s a little gift bag that’s the perfect size for gift cards, bracelets and any other little trinket you want to give to someone special. Click here for the template for this little… Continue reading

Printable Valentines Revisit

For some last minute valentines, here are some printables we made a while back. Click to download You Blow Me Away You Rock For “Crayon” Out Loud

All About the Packaging: Mini Valentine Cards

Click to download these mini cards. Happy Valentines!

Easy DIY: Matchbox Dollhouse

I saw Margaret’s matchbox dollhouse on Homemade City and thought it was so cute. Of course, I then got to thinking that it would be even more fun to have a tiny paper… Continue reading

Easy DIY: The Bunny Project

Share some bunny love with Urban Threads’ Bunny Project. Make some bunnies, add the downloadable tag and leave them in public spaces for someone to find. There’s a free template for this quick… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Mini Folder

Use our template to make your own mini folders for paper, photos or gift cards. We used the cardboard box for juice boxes as well as a piece of card stock. And the… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: You Blow Me Away valentines

We came up with some tags to use with bubble tubes we found at Target. Of course, you could use these with little cello bags of gumballs or with Blow Pops. Click to… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: You Rock Valentines

We loved the “You Rock” valentines we’ve seen online using rock candy and Pop Rocks, but wanted to give ours a little more “oomph.” What better way than making the valentine a concert… Continue reading