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Easy DIY: Amigurumi Bob-omb

Now that I’ve figure out how to crochet Pokeballs, I decided to expand into other round things. I think these Bob-ombs will be perfect as part of a Halloween costume. You can find… Continue reading

Love Links: Sublime Stitching

If you want to start embroidering, Founded by Jenny Hart, Sublime Stitching is a great site to help you get started. You can find instructions, patterns and products all in one place.   

Love Links: Free Typography

Free Typography is an ongoing collection of free fonts you can download. Definitely a great resource!

Love Links: Snapguide

If you’re more visual when it comes to how-tos, Snapguide is perfect for you. Step-by-step photos help you do things from making fruit roll-ups to sewing leather. There’s also an iPad app.

Love Links: The Vivienne Files

The Vivienne Files is full of fabulous ideas on how to mix, match and accessorize basic pieces. Perfect for packing ideas. Photo: The Vivienne Files

Love Links: Generated Paper

Sometimes you just need a sheet of graph paper but don’t want go out and buy a pad. solves that problem by letting you print out as many pages are you need.… Continue reading

Love Links: Longreads

If you like to read longer magazine/news articles, then the aptly-named Longreads is the site for you. You can save them to Instapaper or Pocket to read offline on your phone. I find… Continue reading

Love Links: Chocablog

Chocoblog is the perfect website for chocolate lovers. It has fantastic recipes and detailed reviews on a variety of chocolates (from the fancy to the not-so-fancy).

Love Links: One Good Thing by Jillee

One Good Thing by Jillee is a fantastic resource for tips, tutorials and recipes. I just learned how to “unshrink” clothes with baby shampoo and found a recipe for alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

Love Links: Tally’s Treasury

Tally’s Treasury full of great ideas, patterns and tutorials if you’re just starting out with crafting.