Easy DIY: Mini Emergency Gift Tote

Here’s a great last-minute gift. Put together a mini emergency kit. I used freezer paper and stenciled a little tote but use any cute little pouch you find. I then filled it with… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Fencing Bunnies

After seeing this comic on Hana’s World and then finding a pattern for the Giving Bunny, I decided to combine them and make fencing giving bunnies since my kids have started fencing. The… Continue reading

Make This: Curry Beef Puffs

These are easy to make and very tasty. They make a great lunchbox addition, too. 1 pound ground beef 1 small onion, chopped 1 small carrot, chopped 2T oil 1/4 cup water 3… Continue reading

Make This: English Muffin Bread

Cook’s Country has a recipe for English muffin bread that looked so good (and easy) that I gave it a try even though I usually can’t make anything with yeast turn out. So,… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Origami Ninja Throwing Stars

To go along with my son’s ninja costume, I decided to make some throwing stars. I followed this tutorial on WikiHow. I used copy paper and added a layer of foil on top… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Ninja Costume

I thought I could get away with recycling last year’s costume, but my son decided he wanted to be a ninja. I figured the hardest part would be the mask. Then I found… Continue reading

East DIY: Accordion Fold Paper Pumpkin

Minieco made these fantastic looking candle holders using paper and an accordion fold. I thought they would be perfect jack o’ lanterns. Not hard once you figure out the folds, but you’ll definitely… Continue reading

Make This: Two Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Seriously, all you need is chocolate, water and a whisk/mixer and you’ll have chocolate mousse. Hervé This (pretty much the father of molecular gastronomy) came up with this recipe. It’s dangerously easy. I… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Fabric Dollhouse

I made this dollhouse for my niece after seeing this post from Made with Love. I added a few elements of my own to make it even more fun. You can purchase the… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Snag Free Hair Ties

All you need to make these super popular hair ties are scissors and fold-over elastic. Simple Medicine has the full tutorial.