Make This: Cream Puffs

My sister made these fantastic cream puffs for my daughter’s birthday. Very delicious and surprisingly easy. Vanilla Pastry Cream (makes about 2.5 cups) Time: 20 minutes (if that) 2/3 cup sugar 2 T… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Freezer Paper Stenciled Gift Bags

We’re reaching the end of the school year, which means coming up with some gifts for our teachers. We usually make some treats to give. To make them that much more special, we… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits

My son and his best friend love watching The Wild Kratts and pretending to have creature powers like on the show. So for his friend’s birthday, I thought I’d make him a creature… Continue reading

Make This: Apple Piñata

We saw this precious apple piñata on Lisa Storms‘ blog and wanted to make some of our own to celebrate a Hello Kitty birthday. Here is our version. Make your own and have… Continue reading

Make This: Hello Kitty School Party Goodie Bags

This year we had a class party for P and made goodie bags with flower tags and fold over labels. Parker wanted the bags to be clear because the class is not allowed… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Felt Flowers

Positively Splendid has a great tutorial for making felt flowers. A super easy way decorate a tote, headband or even a gift.

Easy DIY: Totoro plush

We just love Totoro at our house, so we had to give Cheek and Stitch’s pattern a try. It was a easy project and there’s also a step-by-step tutorial to follow.

Make This: Chicken Enchiladas

America’s Test Kitchen’s chicken enchiladas are a huge favorite of ours. It’s a little bit involved but totally worth it.

Make This: Easy Frozen Yogurt has a super easy recipe for peach frozen yogurt: frozen peaches, yogurt and honey. I tried it with strawberries and it turned out just as well

All About the Packaging: Little Gift Bag

Here’s a little gift bag that’s the perfect size for gift cards, bracelets and any other little trinket you want to give to someone special. Click here for the template for this little… Continue reading