Make This: Ginger Simple Syrup

I made ginger simple syrup for lemonade awhile back and it was a big hit. Now with the cold weather still hanging around, I thought “why not add it to my hot tea?”… Continue reading

Make This: Martha Stewart’s Ginger Cookies

Martha Stewart’s ginger cookie recipe is the best I’ve found so far. If you like chewy ones. I make them smaller than the recipe suggests to lessen the guilt.

Easy DIY: Felt Cat Toy

My daughter made these as gifts for our friends’ cats. She just drew her design freehand, stitched and stuffed with catnip we got at Kmart. A super quick and easy project for kids.

Printable Valentines Revisit

For some last minute valentines, here are some printables we made a while back. Click to download You Blow Me Away You Rock For “Crayon” Out Loud

Make It: DIY Jolly Rancher Pops

A Little Art Can’t Hurt has a super easy way to make your own pops–just stick some Jolly Ranchers in the oven. My kids loved this, especially picking out the flavors they wanted.… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Just Plane Cute Valentines

Here’s our take on a fun valentine for boys. You could use these with paper airplanes or foam gliders if you’re making them for a bigger class. I used the Alpha Cloud font… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Lunar New Year M&M Minis Firecracker

Here’s a cute way to celebrate the Lunar New Year. You’ll need: *a red tube of M&M Minis with the label removed *yellow or gold paper *red round label *scissors and glue First,… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Mini Valentine Cards

Click to download these mini cards. Happy Valentines!

Easy DIY Revisit: Heart-shaped Surprise Ball

We still love these!

Easy DIY: Lightbulb Valentines

Here’s a fun valentine using finger flashlights. Just white card stock and a black Sharpie. Click here for a printable template or click here for a Silhouette file.