Make It: Iced Tea Concentrate

Summer’s over, but I still love my iced tea. Easily make a glass any time (and save on fridge space) with iced tea concentrate. I made a sweetened black tea concentrate and an… Continue reading

Make It: No-Bake Strawberry Pie

A quick and easy way to make a fresh and tasty dessert. I mostly followed the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. I couldn’t find pectin, so I upped the corn starch to 2… Continue reading

All About the Packaging: Crepe Paper Goldfish

These crepe paper fish are part of a fishing game for an upcoming carnival birthday party. You’ll need: *Crepe paper *Paper cups *Favors *String *Paper clips *Pliers *Scissors *Wire cutters *Push pin *Googly… Continue reading

Easy DIY: Award Ribbons

Using a tutorial by Posh Paperie on Style Me Pretty, I made these birthday ribbons to use as decorations for a County Fair birthday party. Instead of buttons, used cardstock.

Things That Make Us Smile: Homemade Birthday Cake

Our friend Jennifer makes amazing cakes. This was for her daughter’s 10th birthday. Those lollipops and gumballs? Handmade out of fondant.

Easy DIY: Birthday Balloon Parade Sticks

Parker shared a birthday party at school this year with a friend because they were born one day apart. Since parents aren’t allowed in the classroom, we thought a little birthday parade home… Continue reading

Party Time: A Super Mario Birthday

Elliott LOVES Super Mario Bros., so there was no better way to celebrate his 6th birthday than with a Super Mario party. The invitations were double slider cards based on this tutorial by thenorsugirl. A little… Continue reading

Party Time: Pirahna Plant Pops

A super easy treat for a Super Mario party. You need: *red lollipops *white fondant *brownie bites or cupcakes *green cardstock We found these lollipops that had green stems and were supposed to… Continue reading

Party Time: Power Up Mushrooms

Getting the “Power Up Pass” game together. We used Kimahn’s tutorial at Scissors Paper Wok for toadstool pencils to make Power Up Mushrooms. We just skipped the pencil part and added eyes.