Things That Make Us Smile: Roses

Roses in the garden make us smile. The sunshine helps, too.

All About the Packaging: Origami Box

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right sized box. Now you can make your own by following the step-by-step instructions at Photo:

Love Links: Bakerella

Look no further than Bakerella for delicious baking ideas. From cake pops to pies, you will definitely find something you want to make… or have someone make for you.

What To Do: Drink Champagne

We’ll pop the cork on a bottle of champagne to celebrate something big, but why not have a glass every once in a while for no particular reason? It’ll change your mood and… Continue reading

Five Faves: Outdoor Toys

Spring has sprung and it’s all about spending as much time playing outside to make up for the horrible winter. Of course, being at the playground isn’t always enough. Here are our five… Continue reading

Can I Have This:? Fuji X100

Here’s a camera that looks as good as the pictures it takes. The Fuji X100 is not something you’d just toss in your backpack, especially at $1,200, but it would be a nice… Continue reading

Just In Case You Missed It

Happy weekend! Here’s what happened this past week. Can I Have This?: CedarWorks Rhapsody BedFive Faves: BakeriesParty Time: Subway Party What To Do: Buy Yourself FlowersLove Links: A Feathered NestAll About the Packaging:… Continue reading

Things That Make Us Smile: Hawaii

Memories of past vacations and the thought of future ones.

All About the Packaging: Flower Gift Box Band

Catherine Peart of Gingham Cherry has a beautiful way to dress up a plain box. Her Flower Gift Box Band is just amazing.. Click over to her site to check out your step-by-step… Continue reading

Love Links: A Feathered Nest

Abby’s blog, A Feathered Nest, is full of great ideas. We particularly love her sewing projects; her Baby Booties Masterpiece really are a masterpiece.