Party Time: Maddie-licious

For Maddie’s 9th birthday, she decided she wanted a candy party. And so the wheels were set in motion for a Maddie-licious party.First thing was to get the invitation out. We decided to make one that looks like a stick of chewing gum.  Maddie loves green, so we went with spearmint. After printing and cutting the invitations, they were put in a baggie with sticks of spearmint gum for a couple days to pick up the scent. It worked perfectly!

For decorations, we used the balloon lollipop idea from as the starting point. Instead of painting the tubes, we just ordered a dozen white mailing tubes from Staples. We also wrapped red tape around the tubes to create candy cane sticks. We used the remaining balloons and cellophane to create giant candies, some of which were then taped to fishing line to create a garland. Giant kisses made out of foil and ribbon added to the party.

A cellophane basket gift bag, flower balloons, poster board and lettering and circles cut on the Silhouette HD made up our candy bag birthday “banner.”

Another decoration that also doubled as an activity was the Candy Trivia Punch Box. Click for our tutorial. Inspired by the Punch A Box game over at Shannon Makes Stuff, ours was made out of poster board, tissue paper and paper bags. It added an extra pop of color to the room.

We set up a craft activity to calm things down about. Sweet jewelry was the theme and we laid out the table with all sorts of beads, cabochons and findings that we found on Etsy*.

Finally, we put together a treats table where the guest to fill their goodie bags before they left. We decided to include non-candy items that also fit with the candy theme, so we had candy scented nail polish, lip gloss and candy colored clip-on braids. All of this was under a red and white striped awning inspired by the one in Noelle’s French Cafe Party over at Pink Peach Cakes. It was made from wrapping paper, double-sided tape and dowels that we hung using mini 3M Command hooks.

The kids had a great time with all the activities. The Gumball Obstacle Course was so much fun and trickier because if you knocked anything over, you had to start over from the beginning.

The Lifesaver Pass and the Pixie Stick Drop were also big hits.

After ice cream sundaes and cupcakes,

it was time for Candy Button Trivia. Each child was given a candy trivia question and got to punch a dot and get a prize if s/he answered correctly.

Finally, everyone helped clear out the treats table.

*We purchased most of the items for the craft table from: