Easy DIY: Bubble Tea Holder

Bubble tea is as popular here as it is in Asia, but one thing that hasn’t really made the jump over are bubble tea holders. A lot of Asian countries are limiting, if not banning plastic bags. So their solution for to-go teas has been these holders.

Bubble tea holderThey’re a quick project and the perfect thing to use up any leftover fabric you may have. You just need four pieces that are 6 inches across the top and 5 1/4 inches on the bottom. The sides are cut at a slant and measures 3 1/2 inches. The strap is 15×2 inches.

Bubble tea holder

Stitch the sides of the matching pieces together. For the strap, fold in the edges, fold again to cover the raw edges and stitch.

Place one holder piece inside the other with right (outer) sides together Place handle between the layers and stitch.

Bubble tea holder

Flip the inner layer over and tuck down into position. Fold the raw edges in and stitch around the edge to finish. I also stitched around the top edge as well so they look the same.

Bubble tea holder

Now you’re ready for bubble tea.