Party Time: Maddie-licious

For Maddie’s 9th birthday, she decided she wanted a candy party. And so the wheels were set in motion for a Maddie-licious party.First thing was to get the invitation out. We decided to make one that looks like a stick of chewing gum.  Maddie loves green, so we went with spearmint. After printing and cutting the invitations, they were put in a baggie with sticks of spearmint gum for a couple days to pick up the scent. It worked perfectly!

For decorations, we used the balloon lollipop idea from as the starting point. Instead of painting the tubes, we just ordered a dozen white mailing tubes from Staples. We also wrapped red tape around the tubes to create candy cane sticks. We used the remaining balloons and cellophane to create giant candies, some of which were then taped to fishing line to create a garland. Giant kisses made out of foil and ribbon added to the party.

A cellophane basket gift bag, flower balloons, poster board and lettering and circles cut on the Silhouette HD made up our candy bag birthday “banner.”

Another decoration that also doubled as an activity was the Candy Trivia Punch Box. Click for our tutorial. Inspired by the Punch A Box game over at Shannon Makes Stuff, ours was made out of poster board, tissue paper and paper bags. It added an extra pop of color to the room.

We set up a craft activity to calm things down about. Sweet jewelry was the theme and we laid out the table with all sorts of beads, cabochons and findings that we found on Etsy*.

Finally, we put together a treats table where the guest to fill their goodie bags before they left. We decided to include non-candy items that also fit with the candy theme, so we had candy scented nail polish, lip gloss and candy colored clip-on braids. All of this was under a red and white striped awning inspired by the one in Noelle’s French Cafe Party over at Pink Peach Cakes. It was made from wrapping paper, double-sided tape and dowels that we hung using mini 3M Command hooks.

The kids had a great time with all the activities. The Gumball Obstacle Course was so much fun and trickier because if you knocked anything over, you had to start over from the beginning.

The Lifesaver Pass and the Pixie Stick Drop were also big hits.

After ice cream sundaes and cupcakes,

it was time for Candy Button Trivia. Each child was given a candy trivia question and got to punch a dot and get a prize if s/he answered correctly.

Finally, everyone helped clear out the treats table.

*We purchased most of the items for the craft table from:

97 thoughts on “Party Time: Maddie-licious

  1. This is so great! Your obstacle course is my favorite, and the jewelry making craft. I bet the kids had so much fun! Sharing on our Facebook wall today. Thank you!

  2. Amazing! My daughter is 9 too and she would have loved this. She loves to plan her own parties – with a little help from me. She did a carnival theme once with tickets, guess the number of m&ms int he jar, games like blowing flour from a pie plate to find the ring. It was fun, but this looks fabulous. Might be our next one!

  3. Love it! Thanks for the post. Such great ideas.

    I am horrible at coming up with ideas, would you mind posting some trivia questions you used on the punch game?

    1. Thanks so much! Some of the questions we used were:

      Name five flavors of Life Savers.

      Which country eats the most chocolate: U.S, Belgium, England?

      What colors are in a regular pack of M&Ms?

      If you email us at celebrate@ctbas, we can send you some more. With the answers, of course.

      1. I would be interested in more of your candy trivia questions and answers and the instructions for making the candy button trivia game. You have such cute ideas!

      2. Thanks! Below are the sites for questions. We did change the format of the harder ones into multiple choice to make it easier for younger guests. For the punch box, you can find the tutorial here– Feel free to email us at if you have any other questions.

        The 10 Spot Candy Bar Trivia

        Sweet Trivia

  4. What a fun theme! I’m planning my daughter’s first birthday and want to do a candy bar but also included non-candy items. I noticed that you also had candy that wasn’t individually wrapped. Did you provided one goodie bag for kids to put it all in one bag?

  5. I just found your site via pinterest, and HAD to comment. Not only did you do an amazing job with the party, I think its beyond respectable that you made sure to credit all the other bloggers that inspired you! Kudos.

  6. I am having a candy land party for my daughter on Sunday. So glad I found you on Pinterest as I am using many of your ideas! Couple of questions: I am having a tough time getting my lollipops to stand up in the house. I am using the cardboard wrapping paper as my lollipop sticks and bubbles on the inside to hold them, but they are not standing up!
    Also, are the giant Hersheys just made out of foil or is there something you used as a base?
    I am also doing the punch out game and it turned out so cute! Thanks so much!!

    1. We’re glad you liked our ideas. For the lollipops, we ended up putting baggies of coins in the bottom part of the tube to weigh them down. They stand up much better with the weight. For the kisses, we used round take-out containers turned upside down. You can find the tutorial here: Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Thanks you so much! Just tried the coins and Ta-da…they stand up! Great!!! :)) Can’t wait to give the Hershey’s a try!

  7. Thank you for these ideas and the punch box tutorial. I can easily convert that to a lego theme for my boys!

    I wanted to add that I was reading up on Pinterest copyright last night and saw a pin today for the punch board. So, wanting to see the tutorial, I went-a-lookin’. I actually got here from a pin to a different blog. The picture on pinterest was yours as opposed to one of the other blogger’s pictures. The other blogger did give you credit, but I doubt the pinners knew they were passing along your picture seemingly giving credit to the other blogger. Gosh, does that make any sense?

    Here is the blog:
    And here are the pins that point to her blog, some using your picture:

    As a person that dabbles in photography, I wanted to pass that along. I want you to get as much traffic from pinterest as possible for your own work.

  8. It is just a coincidence that my reply relates to the message above but I did find your post via Pinterest and think you are super! I am planning on using your punch board idea for my daughters art themed party this week. Thank you so much for the tutorial, the brown bag idea is great. I think your website is beautiful and informative. Thank you!

  9. I’m more than happy to discover this page. I need to to thank you for your time just for this fantastic read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and I have you saved as a favorite to see new information in your site.

  10. This looks amazing! My niece is having a candyland theme party and we needed some party games that macthed the theme, is the any way you could let me know the rules to the games, The Lifesaver Pass and the Pixie Stick Drop? Thanks.

  11. Thank you sooo much for this! I found it pinned on Pinterest and I just did this theme for my daughter’s birthday. We had the punch game, the lollipops, hard candy garland and more! It was so much fun to hear your child tell you “This was the best birthday ever” is priceless. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I just love this. Very great ideas! Just wanted to know of you have tutorial for the awning over the candy buffet or where I might be able to find one?

    1. I used dowels, packing tape and removable 3M command hooks for the awning. I just Googled “DIY awning” to get an idea for the basic shape (2 triangles for the ends and support bars across the top and bottom). is a good place to look.

  13. You’re party looks adorable! I really love your creative games! Could you please tell me how you made the giant Hershey Kisses? Were they all foil or did you use something inside to form the kiss shape? Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much! Click here to see what we used to make the kisses. The middle is bunched up tissue paper on a round take out container to give it a general shape. The foil then held it together. Hope that helps.

  14. WOW! Found you via Pinterest, and sooo glad I did. I am repinning and can’t wait to explore your blog. This is fabulous!!!

  15. I love, love how you used the balloons for the decorations. Was there a particular size balloon that found that worked best for the “hard candy” and lollipops?

    1. Thanks! I used 12″ balloons. I didn’t blow them up fully for the hard candy so they would look a rounder. They were fully inflated for the lollipops. Hope that helps.

  16. Hello, just came across your blog and I love your party ideas!!!
    Can you tell me how I can get those cute chewing gum invites????

    1. The pixie stix drop is just like a clothespin drop and in the lifesaver pass, the kids had to pass
      them from one stick to another.

      The whipped cream was just for the sundaes.

  17. Why buy expensive mailing tubes? At Staples, they’re $13.99 for twelve, 24″ tubes, which comes out to $0.58 cents per foot. At Lowes, you can get 10-ft of 1″ white PVC pipe for $3.67, which comes out to $0.37 cents per foot and best of all, you can CUT YOUR OWN SIZE. Cut long pops, short pops or in between! Staples has coupons more readily available, but they are not impossible to find at the big box hardware stores, either.

    Lowes: item #23976
    Home Depot: item #531194

    1. Thanks for the tip! While it’s not a practical option for those of us in urban areas like NYC, PVC piping is a great alternative if you can do it.

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    I need to to thank you for your time due to this wonderful read!!
    I definitely savored every bit of it and I have you book-marked to look at new stuff in your website.

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  20. What a wonderful party idea!! I wanted to ask you where you found the silver paper that wrapped the invitation. It’s super cute!!!
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I bought the silver paper at Pearl Paint, which is no longer around. However, I’ve seen similar paper at Blick Art and Amazon carries silver gift wrap which would work as well.

  21. I stumbled upon your page when I was checking out few games for my daughters 8th birthday which is coming in a weeks time…The decorations are beautiful and the games are so well thought of. Could you please explain how the games Lifesaver Pass, Pixie Stick Drop and the Gumball Obstacle Course are to be played?

    1. Thanks so much!

      The rules are as follows:

      Lifesaver Pass
      Divide into teams and line up. Everyone is given a skewer (trim the tip a little to avoid sharp pokes). There is a cup of Lifesavers at the head of each line and an empty cup at the end of each line.

      The first player places a candy (or many candies) on his/her skewer. The next player uses only his/her skewer to take the candy and so on. The last person places them in the cup. First team to fill the cup at the end wins.

      Pixie Stix Drop
      Divide into teams and line up. Pass out Pixie Stix to each player. Players take turns trying to drop one into a bottle. S/he then returns to the back of the line. Keep going until everyone has used up his/her Pixie Stix.

      Bending over or crouching down to get closer to the bottle is not allowed. The team with the most Pixie Stix in the bottle wins.

      Obstacle Course
      Divide into teams. There is a cup of gumballs for each team at the start of the course and an empty cup for each team at the end. Each player carries a gumball on a spoon while going through the obstacle course.

      If the player drops it along the way, s/he has to go back to the beginning and start again. The first team to carry all of their gum balls across the course wins.

      Good luck with your daughter’s party!

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