Party Time: An Unbirthday Tea Party

Our next celebration was an “unbirthday” tea party for P’s 5th birthday.  We started with the elevator so guests would be transported immediately to Wonderland.

We made “playing card” tea sandwiches and had apple juice “tea.”
We served the “tea” with lovely striped paper straws from Fish’s Eddy. Emily and Stephanie were kind enough to work their hands off cutting and attaching the “Drink Me” flags.
Photo: Bellamy Blue Photography

And there was a lovely table full of treats to snack from. We found gummy butterflies from Economy Candy and lollipops from Vintage Confections.

For an activity, the children made their own fruit tarts. We used phyllo shells filled with vanilla pudding and the children topped them with all sorts of berries.

At the end, goodie bags containing a skeleton heart key charm on a ribbon from Simpson Studios, a pocket watch, an “Alice” headband for girls and a “Tweedle Dee” propeller beanie for the boys as well as a ribbon wand and a wishing “drink me” bottle from Steampunk Asunder were handed out to make sure that each child had a bit of Wonderland to take home with them.