All About the Packaging: Candy Button Punch Box Tutorial

We created this punch box to use for the Candy Button Trivia game we played at our Maddie-licious party.  It’s pretty easy but does take a little bit of time.

You’ll need:

4 white poster boards
a circle cutter
tissue paper in the colors of your choice
18 paper lunch bags
packing tape

First, start cutting circles on your poster board. We set our circle cutter to 5 inches. This let us make three columns of three circles each per poster board.  You can choose to make smaller or larger circles.

Your poster board will look like this after you’ve finished.

Repeat the process on the second poster board. Now start cutting out the tissue paper and gluing the squares over each circle.  We cut ours into 6×6 inch squares as our circles were 5 inches.

We recommend cutting individual squares since punching out one hole may pull the paper off the others.  Once you have all the circles covered, tape them together to form one long strip.  You should then have something that looks like this.

Next, take the remaining two poster boards and cut them in half length-wise.

Then fold each piece in half length. These will be the side panels of the punch box.

Lay the smooth side of the poster board (the edge you didn’t cut) next to the poster board with the cut-outs. Line up the top edges and tape together.

Next, take your lunch bags and cut off the top 6 inches. (We saved the tops and made small snack bags by gluing and folding the bottoms shut.) Take the bottom half of the bag and start making 1 inch cuts along the top and then fold them over. These tabs will be what you use to tape them down. Repeat with all the bags.

Lay out the board and place a prize on each circle so the prizes are evenly distributed. Then cover each one with a paper bag and tape down.

Once all the bags are attached, fold over the side panels to cover the bags. You may have to tape the side panels together across the back. Thread some ribbon across the top, hang it up and you are ready to go!