Easy DIY: Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits

My son and his best friend love watching The Wild Kratts and pretending to have creature powers like on the show. So for his friend’s birthday, I thought I’d make him a creature power suit since there aren’t any available in stores. Of course, that meant I had to make a matching one for my son.

20130609-213403.jpgI used black cordura fabric because I liked the look and because I didn’t have to finish the edges. I used broadcloth for the accents. Extra wide velcro and clear plastic I cut from a zip pouch that held pillow cases.

20130609-213502.jpgI used one of my son’s t-shirts to gauge the size and then cut the general shape, making “V” shape cuts for the neckline and bottom of the front piece.

20130609-213426.jpgNext, I attached the accent pieces to the velcro for the top and side straps.

20130609-213523.jpgThese were then sewn onto the top straps and the sides of the back piece of the creature power suit.

20130609-213557.jpgI sewed velcro to the front straps and sides of the front piece.

20130609-213450.jpgAnd then sewed on the circles. I sewed the large colored circle first and then sewed on the plastic. Don’t sew all the way around. Leave an opening at the top so your child can slip in the “creature power discs.”

You can download printable discs from the PBS Kids website. I printed mine out on heavy card stock. I did have to adjust the size a bit so they would fit properly. For the gloves, I used stretch gloves and felt for the circles since I had to sew them by hand.