Easy DIY: Paper Tube Gift Menorah

Here’s an easy and fun craft for Hanukkah. Amy Rose Designs has a post for a toilet paper roll menorah. I took this an extra step and put a little gift in each “candle.” When you open it, the tissue paper “lights” it.

20121117-174957.jpgAll you need are:
20121117-174826.jpg*toilet paper rolls
*tissue paper
*small gifts
*a glue stick

20121117-174835.jpgThe tissue paper should be a little longer than the roll. Glue the tissue paper to the roll. For the center candle, you can either tape one and a half toilet paper tubes together or use a paper towel tube.

20121117-174845.jpgTuck the ends into the tube and glue down

20121117-174855.jpgUse the yellow and orange tissue paper to wrap each gift. Twist one end and slide into each tube.


Tape the twisted end to the bottom inside of the tube.

20121117-174929.jpgTuck the tissue paper down into the top end of the “candle.” Now when each gift is open, the tissue will look like the flame.