Make This: Filled Candy Eyeballs

For Halloween, I got it into my head (no pun intended) to make candy eyeballs. Then I decided I make filled ones, which then became bloody filled eyeballs because, well, Halloween.

I used a silicone cake pop mold and candy melts because I wanted really white eyeballs but white chocolate would work, too. The steps are basically the same as for regular candy making–melt, pour, let set. For the pupils, I piped in the black and let that set, then orange and let that set and finally white.

For the fillings, I wanted something red and runny. I decided to use strawberry jam and caramel. to which I added red food coloring.

I then used an offset spatula I warmed over the stove to slightly melt the edges so the two halves would stick together. It also helped smooth out any weird edges.

I liked the jam ones better because the slight tartness of the jam balanced the sweet shell. I’m thinking salted caramel might be a better option if I decide to go that route again.